Alien Mind Control Parasites Invade Planetary Prospectors!

February 4th, 2016 – The latest monthly update for Planetary Prospectors: ARM (Asteroid Resource Mining) from Nefarious Dimensions is now available. The first asteroid mining exploration video game with virtual reality integration available on Steam will be enhancing its core gameplay and system mechanics, revealing more details of the game’s plot. The developers are asking for feedback from the community on the art and game content as they prepare for the game’s final release.

A major upgrade that was highly requested by the community was the improvement of the Mining Repair Rescue Mech (M.R.R.M.). Upcoming changes will include a newly improved upgrade system that will allow players to spend their credits, earned from mining with the M.R.R.M. to enhance and strengthen its attributes. In future updates the appearance of the M.R.R.M. will also see visual improvements and enhancements.

As players bide their time in jail or drudge to escape the confines of their cell block, they become aware of an alien parasite that has infiltrated the mining barge. After a meteor breached the hull, the advanced alien parasite has commandeered the ship and taken the captain and crew hostage. Without spoiling the story, the latest update to Planetary Prospectors: ARM advances the plot and reveals details of the characters’ origins and desperate need for survival.

Nefarious Dimensions would like to thank its community members who have reported bugs and made suggestions to improve the core gameplay experience. The developers have listened to your feedback and worked diligently to eliminate issues raised by players. They are dedicated to improving the game to create the best possible space mining adventure game before release.

Planetary Prospectors: ARM is an open world, near infinite procedurally generated multiverse, episodic non-linear storylines mixed with a Psychological Survival Horror, where the player must escape from being a slave miner aboard a Mining Barge that has been taken over by a hostile advanced alien A.I. Pilot a Mining Repair Rescue Mech with HOTAS and VR HMD support, in simulated Newtonian physics to experience true zero gravity mining and exploration. Prospect, Mine, Survive… Escape! The game is available on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac with versions for Xbox One and Playstation 4 planned for the future.

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Jackson Tarrant
Media Relations

Updates? We got ’em!


In the short time since the game launched on Steam Early Access, we’ve added a number of updates and have much more to come! Read on for details…

  • Added new dialog and quest system
  • Added improved 8K texture planets
  • Switched to DirectX 11; added light bloom and aliasing improvements
  • Improved physics and colliders
  • Improved drill effectiveness
  • Various art improvements including visor, helmet, and barge model
  • Tuned movement, adjusted speed and inertia
  • Increased camera FOV (field of vision) to 60 degrees
  • Moved pilot seat forward, to reduce the stretch in the arms
  • Various UI fixes; added start menu, in-game menu, updated tutorial
  • Added new sound effects
  • Added fuel hose teach collecting and refueling
  • Fixed framerate issues
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Fixed dialog bugs
  • Fixed multi-thread bug
  • Added AI X-Terminators that chase the player if they are disobedient
  • Increased mining area so the X-Terminators won’t be so aggressive

Currently, the developers are working on space walks (player can exit their vehicle), a welding torch tool, xenon gas that can be collected or shot at to cause an explosive chain reaction, the ability to pick-up and carry objects, NPC development, nonlinear storylines, defensive mining turrets, and alien creature concepts.

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