Updates? We got ’em!


In the short time since the game launched on Steam Early Access, we’ve added a number of updates and have much more to come! Read on for details…

  • Added new dialog and quest system
  • Added improved 8K texture planets
  • Switched to DirectX 11; added light bloom and aliasing improvements
  • Improved physics and colliders
  • Improved drill effectiveness
  • Various art improvements including visor, helmet, and barge model
  • Tuned movement, adjusted speed and inertia
  • Increased camera FOV (field of vision) to 60 degrees
  • Moved pilot seat forward, to reduce the stretch in the arms
  • Various UI fixes; added start menu, in-game menu, updated tutorial
  • Added new sound effects
  • Added fuel hose teach collecting and refueling
  • Fixed framerate issues
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Fixed dialog bugs
  • Fixed multi-thread bug
  • Added AI X-Terminators that chase the player if they are disobedient
  • Increased mining area so the X-Terminators won’t be so aggressive

Currently, the developers are working on space walks (player can exit their vehicle), a welding torch tool, xenon gas that can be collected or shot at to cause an explosive chain reaction, the ability to pick-up and carry objects, NPC development, nonlinear storylines, defensive mining turrets, and alien creature concepts.

Support Planetary Prospectors: ARM at

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